"My experience with Walnut Grove School House in the few months that my seven month son has attended there has been wonderful. When I drop him off each morning, his face lights up and I can tell by the look on his face that he loves his school and has a great time there. The staff is all very welcoming and friendly and I feel my son is in the best care possible when he is there. The teachers in the infant room are wonderful and very attentive to each child and their needs. Daily reports of feeding, naps, diapering and daily art projects allow me to see just how his day was. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone, because I know that my child and every other child in the school are in a safe, loving and nurturing environment."


~Alexandra Urquhart



"Both of my children, 2 years and 6 months old have attended WGSH since they were 6 weeks old. Leaving your child in the hands of “strangers” for 8+ hours a day is not an easy thing to do. Dropping my oldest son off at school for the very first time was more traumatizing to me than him; after all, 6-week-old babies sleep most of the day, so I’m sure he didn’t notice at all. I must have called half a dozen times throughout the day to check on him, each time the voice on the other end reassuring me that I wasn’t being a “pain” and that he was doing just fine. As my son grew and began to realize what “school” was, I realized whether or not I was working school was one of the best things for him. Each month, projects have been sent home since he was an infant to show me all the things he’s learned and to also decorate my home. He has already created friendships with other children and constantly talks about his friends and teachers at home and what he does during the day. The toddler program at WGSH is incredible, the children learn so much at such a young age, from colors to Portuguese. My son truly enjoys going to school each day and on the weekends he often asks, “Where are my friends, where is Miss. Terry and Miss Amanda?” When it came time to enroll the newest addition to our family, I was still nervous but not nearly as scared as I was 2 years earlier. After calling about 3 times on his first day to check on him, I told myself that he was in the best care there was, because these once “strangers” have become like family to my husband and I and our children."


~WGSH parent.



"My 2 year old has gone to WGSH since he was three months old and it was one of the best choices I’ve made for him thus far! Ms. Athena and Ms. Talia made us feel safe and welcome from the beginning. The entire staff thrives on making the kids feel loved. WGSH staff was very understanding of a first time mother’s separation anxiety. The first day dropping him off I was barely holding it together. As I got back in my car and glanced up at the window, I see Ms. Talia holding Mason and waving his little hand at me! How special a gesture it was. Daily reports kept a great schedule of naps, food, and diapering. The team there never minded if I asked a million questions and they always checked with me about new foods before offering them. Now that Mason is a little older, he tells me about all his school friends and his eyes light up when we talk about his day. Our hallway at home is quite literally filled with the daily projects the school has helped him create; all dated and ready for the scrapbooks! Having Mason join the team at WGSH has truly been a blessing for a worrisome “first timer!” Im thankful for all the help and support they’ve shown to my family and for helping my little man learn and grow so very much."


~Lauren Moreda.



"Thank you for providing our son with a wonderful school. Walnut Grove School House has made the past four years, a loving, fun, nurturing, and happy experience. I recommend this place to everyone. I know. Your love of children and enthusiasm shines through in all that you do. Each class has updated learning toys, computer center, and small teacher-student ratio, not to mention such a wonderful staff.  Your special events like fire safety day, carnival day, holiday parties, and of course Nicholas’ favorite spirit week are unforgettable. The field trips you organized to the apple farm, Bowl-more, Carousel Family Fun Center, and Ocean Exploration were all wonderful learning events for him and his classmates. You have prepared Nicholas for kindergarten in so many ways both academically and socially. I could not have asked for a better place to have “raised”my son! I am able to go to work with the peace of mind that he will be in the care of people who love him as much as I do. I highly recommend Walnut Grove to anyone looking for care!"


~Monica Gouin










What Parents are saying about Walnut Grove School House.

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