School Age

The Walnut Grove School House ‘School Age’ programs were designed to meet the needs of parents who must be at work before and/or after public school hours.


Walnut Grove School House opens at 7:00am each morning to allow parents to bring their children here in the early morning hours before public school opens. One of our staff will accompany the children to the bus stop and remain there until all children have been safely placed onto the bus. Because we remain open until 5:30 in the afternoon, children may return here to wait for their parent’s arrival. Again, a staff member will be at the bus stop waiting for the children and will walk them safely back to school. In all instances Walnut Grove School House is not responsible for the children until they arrive from public school.


After school the children will be given a nutritious snack and then move into the flow of the school age program. When weather permits, these children are given the choice of going outdoors to play, under teacher supervision, either at East Fairhaven School or in our private playground at this time or remaining indoors to either do homework or to participate in school-age activities. Because these children are older we need to respect that age difference, they are allowed to make choices as to their preferred activities.


There are a variety of games purchased for their age level and available for play. Children participate in deciding which materials and games are purchased. They may also choose to sit and talk or do homework. We allow them more choices and freedom because they are older. During vacation weeks, we develop a plan for these children geared toward their age group, which includes one special event.



Program Goals


Our experienced staff will ensure that these children have a positive experience at the ‘School Age’ program. They need to feel secure in the fact they can continue to form relationships with their peers


We created this program specifically targeting these children. They have their own separate space apart from the activities in the preschool.


It is important to have choices available to these children while they are here at Walnut Grove School House. Unlike the more structured preschool component, these children are allowed to make their own choices. Teachers are directing activities taking place and your child will choose to participate or they may choose to go participate in a separate work area to do homework


The emotional development goals are to provide a cheerful, secure atmosphere in a safe, clean environment.  This atmosphere will enable children to share their thoughts when they so desire and children should be working and playing in small groups set to make them feel secure.  The rooms are neat and clean and the children decorate the rooms themselves.


Another attribute our staff promotes is social motor development.  We provide games, materials, and equipment which appeals to children at their age level.  To acquire this goal, children will be playing games, and using materials to develop and challenge fine and gross motor skills


At this age, we do focus our attention to cognitive development.  We provide structured learning programs, which will enable children to develop self-help skills, self-discipline, pride and confidence. To acquire this goal, a teacher will plan a developmentally appropriate project or activity for the children in his/her group, on a daily basis.  This lesson will be geared to the developmental level of the group and children have the option of whether or not they want to participate. Because they clean up their scraps and use scissors, crayons, markers, paint, paste, glue, and a variety of other materials, they will also learn self-help skills.



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